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Customer Support

Professional Service

Evenbrook aims to provide a professional service to all customers and constantly strives to exceed expectations in providing quality support to make your life easier.  Our occupancy rates of over 98% are a testimony to our customer service and quality of property as we go out of our way to make people feel at home.

Privacy and Data Protection

We take your privacy seriously. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to read our Privacy Notice. You can email us at data@evenbrook.co.uk 

Support during office hours

We are contactable by phone on 0121 507 0657, on email customersupport@evenbrook.co.uk, or via the Report a Repair page on our website.

Out of hours support for property emergencies

Evenbrook offers a support service outside of normal office hours of 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday for genuine property related emergencies only.  Most repair requests should be sent to us using the Report a Repair page under Contact Us above and we will respond as soon as the office is next open  The telephone number for property related emergencies is provided on the Report a Repair page. Please do not call the support team out of hours if you have an external roof leak as there is normally nothing that can be done until the working conditions are safe. Most interior leaks can be managed safely until the next day.  Please make direct contact with the property above your own if you think a leak is coming through to you from that property. If you are concerned that your property related issue is an emergency as, for example, it concerns electrical safety, then you should contact us using the number on the Report a Repair page or contact the emergency services by calling 999 in the most serious of situations.


We recognise customer feedback as a key tool in the development of our customer service provision. We welcome all forms of feedback and regularly consult with customers within the terms of our contractual relationship.  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to read our Privacy Notice.


We recognise the need for effective communication both from us to our customers and from our customers to us. We offer our customers various means of communicating with us in local offices, by phone or email.  To read our Privacy Notice click on the link at the bottom of this page.


Evenbrook recruits team members with high standards of customer service together with an open, approachable and  direct  manner. All team members are aware of the importance of courtesy and professionalism when speaking with customers. 
Our goal is to make sure all customers feel informed and satisfied following communication with us.

Our complaints procedure is used when a customer wishes to complain about a shortfall in our service  they believe they have expereinced.  However, we much prefer to resolve matters informally either on the phone by calling 0121 507 0657 and asking for the Customer Services Manager or by emailing complaints@evenbrook.co.uk.   

In the event of a formal complaint Evenbrook's Customer Services Manager follows the procedure stated in the complaints policy.  Evenbrook's voluntary membership of the Housing Ombudsman Service also allows us to resolve any issue fully and professionally when our internal complaints procedure has been exhausted. 

View our Customer Complaints Policy